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Real Estate in Bozeman
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Easy Curb Appeal Projects To Add Value To Your Home

72% of Americans continue to believe that buying a home is a good financial decision, and this means that despite the economy and the current political climate, buyers will continue to invest in property to secure their future. As Bozeman, Montana has just been named as one of the Best Places to Live by Time Magazine last year, it is expected that many prospective homeowners will be flocking to the area in 2018 to enjoy easy access to active outdoor living, great jobs, and culture. If you own a home in Bozeman and are planning to sell it, keep in mind that the first impression is everything when it comes to buying a home as a majority of prospective homeowners will usually choose their abode based on curb appeal. Enhancing the look of your property can help to differentiate a home from other houses in the area, add value to your home, and more importantly, attract potential buyers. Follow these simple tips to give your home some curb appeal.

Improve your lawn

Nothing ruins the look of a home than a lawn with dying or bald patches. This problem is fixable though, and all you have to do is to reseed your lawn to produce new growth. If you have a large lawn, you may need a broadcast or drop style spreader to cover large areas of a lawn in just a few passes. You can spread the seed just over thin areas, but if the grass looks thin everywhere else, you may want to consider seeding all over your lawn. Water your lawn thoroughly after reseeding and with a few deep waterings, you may see new growth within a month or so.

Refresh your front door

Give your home’s front entry some added appeal by refreshing your front door. You can replace your old one with a custom wood door or paint your existing door in a new color. Try a cool turquoise, a cherry red, or an elegant indigo shade for maximum impact.

Add some accessories

The right accessories and hardware can update the look of your property. An overhead light fixture or lantern-style sconces, a unique door knocker, over-sized house number, or an interesting mailbox can all add instant curb appeal to your home. You may also want to consider installing landscape lighting to add beauty to your outdoor space. Solar fixtures along paths and driveways or LED accent lighting can do wonders to give your property a lift.

Install window boxes

If you don’t have a front lawn or garden, you can breathe life into your property by installing a few window boxes. Choose painted wood boxes for a natural cottage feel and fill them with colorful flowers and plants.

Try any or all of these projects to add curb appeal to your property. Doing so will attract potential home buyers and help you sell your home in a short time.

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