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Real Estate in Bozeman
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Our 5 Favorite Ways to Turn Wasted Space Into Storage

Spring is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to complete those indoor projects you have been knocking around in your brain. Many of us are already working on home organization since it’s a popular New Year resolution. The largest obstacle to getting your house organized is simply space. We’ve all heard the […]

Drop in FHA Mortgage Insurance to Benefit Home Buyers

What is an FHA Mortgage Loan? Before we get to the great news about FHA MIP, let’s cover what an FHA loan is. An FHA loan is a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Frequently, an FHA loan is a great alternative for individuals who may not qualify for a conventional mortgage […]

Do I Need a Home Warranty?

We know what you’re thinking.  ‘Home Warranty?  What a racket!’ There are, indeed, thousands of consumer complaints filed against home warranty providers each year.  However, the concept of a home warranty as a whole, is a great one!  It’s not necessary for every homeowner, but for those who don’t have the ability, means, nor time […]

What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance

It’s not the most exciting topic, but its one which certainly warrants some consideration.  I’m talking about homeowners insurance.  It seems straight forward – just call your current insurance agent and add homeowners to your other current policies right? Considering that your home will most likely be the largest purchase you make in your lifetime, […]

Are You Making One of These 7 Landscaping Mistakes?

Article From By:  Lisa Kaplan Gordon     Published:  September 9, 2013 Don’t let badly designed or maintained landscaping wreck your home’s curb appeal.  Here are pitfalls to avoid. Clumsy, neglected, and hodgepodge landscaping not only hurts your home’s curb appeal, it can cut the value of your property and make it harder to […]

Is Your Listing a Hard Sell?

I recently read an article in RealtorMag that made some strong points for not overselling your real estate listing.  I’ve been in this business for a lot of years so I’ve seen a LOT of homes.  One of the very first lessons I learned was to not over-sell a listing.  I am giving my client […]

All About Reverse Mortgages: Real Estates Tips and Information

About: Single Purpose Reverse Mortgages: Provided by state and local governmental agencies and non-profits. Federally Insured Reverse Mortgages: Reverse Mortgages HUD (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM) is a special type of mortgage allowing the borrower to withdraw equity from their home and convert it into cash. HECM borrowers do not have to repay their […]

Respect and Remembrance in Real Estate

VA Loan Overview The VA Loan program is designed to help (DD214 approved) service members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners by means of buying, building, repairing, retaining, or adapting a home for your own personal occupancy. A Home Loans are provided by private lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies. VA guarantees a […]

Boutique, Innovative, Responsive: We Are Bozeman Montana Real

Real Estate Done Bozeman Style Many people who look to the western slice of paradise Bozeman MT see a mountain city that runs down the checklist of what they want in a hometown whether that be for: the young tech entrepreneurial professional, the new family looking to start their lives, those looking to find that […]

We are Blooming! Inside the Filming of our Ever-Growing Company

It is an exciting day for us here at Bozeman Montana Real! Today, we are going to produce what has been about two years in the making. Teaming up with the phenomenal crew at Outlaw Partners, we are shooting our very first OFFICE BRANDING VIDEO! I am so thrilled to be a part of this chapter […]