Real Estate in Bozeman

Real Estate in Bozeman
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Moving to Bozeman? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

Whether you’re moving from outside the area to Bozeman, or simply moving from one end of town to the other, keeping your ducks from falling out of line and running all over you can seem like a monstrous task. Once you’re packed up all of your belongings and moved them to your new home, the […]

Relocating? Read This…

Moving, in and of itself, can be overwhelming.  Add to that the challenge of adapting to a new city or neighborhood and you may end up questioning your own sanity.  Relocating doesn’t have to be so unsettling, though.  A little research and investigation can help you make the transition much less stressful. Ask yourself which amenities are […]

What a Relocation Expert Is: a Realtor, a Moving Expert, and a Friend

Relocation Services and Beyond The Census Bureau says nearly 5.1 million people moved to a new state last year — up 17% from 2010 and the highest level since 2006. And as real estate has recovered, demand has outstripped existing supply: Only 5.2 months’ worth of homes were on sale in June, down from 9.4 […]

Moving Cost Add Up: Looking At the Unexpected and Pricey Process

When the decision is made to move, the costs that initially come to mind are the biggies. The costs and decisions transitioning families face are endless. Here are a few of the not-so-obvious monetary stresses that may come with moving: Auto Insurance: “When you move from a more rural market, less population, to a highly […]