Real Estate in Bozeman

Real Estate in Bozeman
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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent When It’s Time to Sell

Home sales in the USA are expected to rise by 3 percent by the end of this year, compared to 2017 figures. This information comes from Redfin economist, Nela Richardson, and was reported by the team at CNN Money in January of 2018. While the Bozeman real estate market is almost always hotter than other markets in the country, with national stats like this, it may be safe to assume that our local market will see an bit of a higher uptick in home sales than the rest of the country. In such a competitive market, working with a Real Estate Agent is a smart strategy in getting the most value out of your home, as well as doing what’s necessary to ensure that your listing rises above the crop so it’s seen. Today, we’re going to let you know why a skilled real estate agent is your best asset in getting your home sold. We’ll also let you know why selling privately can be a mistake.

Knowledge and Experience

Real estate agents are like having your own living, breathing operating manual for real estate transactions. Real estate agents help home sellers understand the home selling process. When you select a real estate agent with a superb reputation, you’ll be told exactly what will happen at every stage of the transaction so nothing comes as a surprise. This is just one of many reasons why nearly 90 percent of home sellers hire real estate agents.

Real estate agents also provide invaluable assistance by sharing information about the sale prices of comparable properties in the same area. They have up-to-date data about the local market and know how that information can be utilized to more effectively market your home. Your agent will keep an eye on the competition and do all that he or she can to get your house or condo sold quickly and for the best possible value. After all, it’s in their best interest to help you succeed!

A great real estate agent has a finger on the pulse of the local market 24/7 and will use this knowledge of the local real estate market to come up with an effective advertising strategy for a property. The best agents are aggressive in marketing your property. 

Helping Your Home Shine

Another bonus of hiring a real estate agent is that you’ll access staging advice which helps you to get your home sold faster. Sometimes this simply means re-positioning current furniture for the most efficient traffic flow. Other times it means moving items out of the home to help spaces feel more open and inviting. An experienced real estate agent can typically walk through your home with you and give you advice on which of those “honey do” list items should be tackled ASAP, and which can be crossed off the list, entirely. Once your home is “show-ready”, a great real estate agent will ensure that your listing gets beautiful, professional looking photos.

Drawbacks of Selling a Home Privately

Most people sell privately because they don’t want to pay a real estate agent, but the truth is that private sellers often end up behind the eight ball because they could have gotten much more for their property if they had an experienced real estate agent negotiating on their behalf.

Furthermore, aging seniors who want to sell their home take great security risks by going through the selling process alone. However, seniors aren’t the only group of home sellers who are at risk. Everyone needs to worry about security. Real estate agents have security systems in place which track each and every tour of your home. Agents are very cautious about who is allowed into your home.

Did you know that real estate agents must tell the truth to home sellers. It’s the law. The integrity of a real estate agent will give you greater peace of mind. You will want a frank and honest adviser at your side at this important time in your life.

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