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The Purpose of Phase Inspections and Why They’re Necessary

The building process is complicated and it’s possible to miss a critical item during the process. For this reason, it’s advisable to hire a specialist building inspector who will monitor the entire process and ensure compliance with the building regulations. A building inspector gives you, as the homeowner, a third party unbiased evaluation of your construction. This ensures areas of concern are noticed early enough before it gets impossible to rectify these faults.

Points of Inspection in a Home Construction.

Inspection of any construction happens in phases. This ensures the architectural and structural plans are followed correctly

  • Commencement
    An inspection of the site before construction starts is important. It helps determine conditions of the site
  • After excavation for foundations
    This should happen after the trenches are dug, leveled and cleaned to remove any groundwater.
  • Construction of foundations
    After the concrete is poured into the trenches and corners of the building marked to show positions of the walls, the inspector checks to ensure the walls will be correctly positioned on the concrete.
  • Oversite ready for concreting
    At this stage, the hardcore, insulation and damp-proof membrane are inspected before concrete is poured to form a slab.
  • Structural members
    Every structural member should be inspected before being covered. This mostly entails the steel reinforcement bars but can also include floor joists and roof timbers.
  • Installations inspection.
    During electrical and plumbing utility installations through homes interior walls, there are certain requirements to be met. This is to maintain the load-bearing walls as they are mostly damaged during hacking and cutting to create a way for the utilities.
  • Completion stage
    After the building is fully built, it should be inspected before occupation to check for any defects that need repair.

Reasons For Having a Home Inspection

  • To ensure safety
    For a home to be safe to live in, it has to meet the structural requirements. Therefore, it requires enough reinforcement on its foundation, slab, walls, and beams. This ensures the building is strong enough to withstand shear forces, tension, and compression. Hence, it cannot collapse. Furthermore, the inspection ensures any other defect that may bring harm at a later day is noted. This may include gas and drainage leaks, electrical defects and fire protection.
  • To ensure building standards are met.
    The inspector will ensure all building codes and regulations are followed. This means the construction works are carried out to reasonable standards.
  • Budgeting for repairs
    An inspection helps you plan for any repairs needed.

Dangers of Foregoing The Inspections

  • Waiving a home inspection is dangerous. Some of these dangers include.
    • Structural failure.
      Constructors may not follow the right procedures in building and may speed up the construction, which will save them money and earn more. This can lead to under reinforcement, use of low standard concrete and poor drainage systems. This leads to failures such as collapsing of the building which in turn leads to huge financial losses
    • Legal battles
      Collapsed houses cause huge losses to those living in them as well as damage buildings around them. This will get you sued, face huge legal fees, fines and compensation for those affected.
    • Health and fire hazards
      Gas leaks, asbestos, and carbon monoxide may lead to chest problems, fainting or even death. Gas leaks may lead to explosions that cause fires.
    • Poor building standards
      Foregoing inspection may lead to below standard buildings. It as well denies you from getting the right worth for your money.

New home construction is a great investment which requires proper management. To avoid huge financial losses, invest in an expert who will ensure your house is up to the right standards. He will help provide extra security levels and help you get value for your investment

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