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Online Real Estate Searching: Trulia, Zillow and and Non-Disclosure States

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Online Real Estate Searching: Trulia, Zillow and and Non-Disclosure States Consumers start their searches online. That is a well-known constant in the real estate marketplace. The megaliths of the industry spice up their online information by adding the sold price or estimated value into their searches. For many who are searching online, this is […]


Better Listings: Bozeman Montana Real’s Approach to Selling

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The 2013 Stats are out! The Bozeman Montana Real Team boasted: ·         ~$40.5 Million Moved in 2013 ·         136 Transactions Closed in 2013 ·         98 Buyers Purchased Home with Bozeman Montana Real in 2013 ·         We Have 3,500 Active Buyers in a Maintained and Groomed Database ·         We Are Bozeman Relocation Experts with 95% of Leads Coming From Online ·         We facilitated our largest Commercial […]


Real Estate You Can Count On: Bozeman Montana Real

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Bozeman Montana Real provides clients with a caring team of residential professionals. Our business represents buyers and sellers, provides relocation assistance and offers a boutique style of real estate focused on clients.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to officially open our new office doors to the community. This is just the icing on the […]


The Top 5 Kinds of Home Buyers from 2013

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John Burns, Real Estate Consulting CEO, states in his interview, on Bloomberg TV “Street Smart”, that these are the expected buyers from 2013: Boomerang Buyers – These are buyers who have gone through a foreclosure and have been waiting and working towards getting their good credit scores back.  They may have been among the working that were laid off and lost their homes.  They […]


Coming Together: From Personal Growth to Office-Wide Success

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If you tried to call Bozeman Montana Real’s agents early morning last Tuesday and could not reach them, you could have called our office where they were all gathered (a rare event to be sure). Last week, we started a three course training session to help learn what facets of ourselves are limiting professional […]


For Sale by Owner in a Seller’s Market: Real Estate Tips and News

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“THE SELLER’S MARKET IS ON FIRE!” headlines boast. Real estate is recovering and the nation is overjoyed at the prospect of being a vibrant, healthy market again. In tandem, society is still licking many of its wounds this most recent recession inflicted. People are more frugal and try to make money stretch as far as it […]


We are Blooming! Inside the Filming of our Ever-Growing Company

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It is an exciting day for us here at Bozeman Montana Real! Today, we are going to produce what has been about two years in the making. Teaming up with the phenomenal crew at Outlaw Partners, we are shooting our very first OFFICE BRANDING VIDEO! I am so thrilled to be a part of this chapter […]


Inventories are Low and Buyers are Looking for a Home Like Yours

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Why Are Inventories Low Properties are just now reaching the point at which their values are high enough to sell without the home owner owing money after the sale. That trend is blended with the consistent rise in home values and homeowners are watching and waiting for prices to keep going up… up.… and away! […]


GO LOCAL: National Franchise versus Independent Brokerages

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Full disclosure, I am writing this from the inside perspective from a local and highly successful real estate office. What national brokerages uniquely offer? Initial online branding which makes it easy to find their national website. Standard systems, processes and templates for emails, fliers, and postcards. What independent brokerages uniquely offer? Unique SEO (search engine […]


Real Estate: Not All Haphazard Scheduling and Sleazy Sales

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The role of a modern real estate agent is very obscure and ambiguous to the everyday person. From what exposure the general public has with real estate agents, it is easy to see why this is; agents are the people who dress top notch, drive buyers around a city in the shnazzy cars, or bring […]


How Much Home Can My Money Buy?

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In January 2014, the average American home was $322,800. How much does $322,800 but you in Bozeman, Montana? How much does $322,800 but you in Three Forks, Montana? How much does $322,800 but you in Belgrade, Montana? Now, let’s take a look at getting the  for your buck… Method I: Calculating Cost per Square Footage […]


Online Leads and Real Estate: Respect & Privacy of the Online Consumer

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Consumers are smarter and more resistant to old lead generation methods. As the real estate industry moves more and more to an online lead capture structure, agents need to be aware of the vastly different customer service that is required. The no. 1 area agents can work at in order to achieve the maximum ROI on […]